Thomas Orestis Panoulas, Sportpsycholoog

What is the workshop about?

According to Dr. Csiksgentmihalyi, “flow” is being completely involved in an activity for its own sake. You are completely absorbed in the moment with no distractions. Top athletes identify flow as the stage where they achieve their best performances (peak performance).

During competition a lot of tennis players feel the pressure to play well or they might be stressed out from other life factors, and they play tennis to let it all out. Well in either case it could be challenging for them to achieve peak performance, thus underachieving.

This workshop focuses on three significant pillars that can help you achieve peak performance. The physiological arousal (low or high heart rate), self-talk ( positive or negative thoughts – affect emotions- affect behavior / performance), attention (goal oriented vs distraction-oriented).

We are going to practice scientifically proven applied skills for each of the 3 pillars as well as to discuss the theory behind them.
By using the applied skills you learned you can further experience confident, relaxed and attentive performances during the up-coming competition.

Let’s get ready!


De workshop zit vol!

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Aanmelden als RESERVE voor de mental skills workshop op 30 maart 19:00 - 21:00 u. op Tennispark Sloterplas

Voor spelers die geregeld wedstrijden spelen en merken dat ze tijdens wedstrijden last hebben van wedstrijddruk.

Alleen voor spelers vanaf 18 jaar.

Beperkt aantal plekken beschikbaar.
Kosten zijn €15,- pp.

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