– Get inspired – Aflevering 6 (door Orestis Panoulas)

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Hello all!

I am sending you a quick and simple 3-minute guided breathing exercise to start your day every morning.


Purpose: Thoughts about the future or past come in our daily life. Accept them, and bring your attention on the present moment/ your breath for those 3 minutes.

What can you achieve with that?: Brain muscle fitness!

A) Your concentration on important info to enhance your performance (ex. identifying the opponents’ body posture before he/she hits the ball).

B) Your focus ability to eliminate distractions and stay present. (ex. what if I lose this set? (distraction) —> Accepting that thought —> Focusing back on the present moment with a deep breath).

Interesting fact: Top athletes like Djokovic, Kobe Bryan, Nico Rosberg Formula 1 Champion (see below) use these techniques to improve their performance.

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